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Motor: Olieds 250 W. BATTERIA: 400 Wh.
Battery: 400 Wh.
Brakes: Shimano Alivio 180mm/160mm.
Gears: : Shimano Alivio 9v.
Tires: Vee Tire 24 x 2,25”.


Fantic offers a special model for children, the new 24 Junior with 24 inch wheels that allow better manageability on narrow trails and precision on quick changes of direction. Therefore allowing our younger clients to benefit from all the advantages of wide wheels( safety, better gripping ability on curves, better performance on uneven or slippery surfaces, muddy ground, gravel, sand and snow) and at the same time does not sacrifice major agility and performance. Fantic continues to design it's frames with a flange that encases and protects it's motor entirely. There will be no boulder or trunk that might damage the motor because the shell that encases it offers protection from every possible misadventure.